Our Story

After 10 years in Christian radio and youth ministry, Monica filed for divorce. We were hopeless. Our outward giftings had landed us great jobs with big churches and radio stations, but inside we were broken. Apparently, “ fake it ‘till you make it” doesn’t apply to deep wounds of the heart, and we both had them. At some point you have to turn and face the pain, with Jesus at your side. He will heal your heart and “make all things new”.

As we continued to fake it and drift apart, I had an affair, and we separated. LONG story short  – we eventually began to get counseling, allowing Jesus into our broken places. As our individual hearts healed, we began to have hope for our marriage. The emotionally charged “deal breakers” began to lose their power, as we embraced our inner new creations in Christ.

On our journey back from the brink of divorce, we became students of Biblical marriage, and the depths of what it means for the “two to become one flesh”. Once we got a taste of a deep connection, we never wanted to lose it. Sadly, we realized many marriages are on auto pilot. Couples have given up on having the marriage of their dreams.

"After 10 years of marriage, we were hopeless. We love paying forward what we've learned on the way to having the marriage of our dreams."

Randy & Monica